Feb 18-20, 2021Napa, CA
Managing Director, Merrill Lynch

Scott MacDonald

Senior Financial Advisor, 30 yrs experience, author, lecturer, extensive involvement with disability organizations.

Scott MacDonald is a Managing Director and Senior Financial Advisor. Mr. MacDonald also is a Senior Portfolio Manager. He has been with Merrill Lynch over 30 years. Mr. MacDonald has been featured in a variety of publications on serving clients with disabilities, including the San Francisco Chronicle, New York Times, Oakland Tribune, The Street.Com, AdvisorOne and a cover story in On Wall Street Magazine. He has been a consulting author and editor of attorney training manuals related to Special Needs Trusts. He has lectured extensively for various Bar and Consumer Attorney Associations, the Special Needs Alliance, the National Guardianship Association and the Professional Fiduciary Association of California.

Mr. MacDonald created The Special Needs Team, a group of Financial Advisors across California who leverage specialized training in the field of disability planning and prudent probate investing. We focus on improving the financial well-being of individuals of special need regardless of their age or disability.



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D2 10:30am

Making Sustainable Budgets and Monitoring Prudent Investments in a Special Needs Trust

Making Sustainable Budgets and Monitoring Prudent Investments in a Special Needs Trust

An SNT trustee has a legal duty to decide how best to make distributions that will enhance the quality of life of a beneficiary with a disability. The best way to do this is to set up a budget of items and services that will be paid from the SNT. But a budget is not a static, one-time task. Once a budget is established, it is immediately beset with unforeseen costs, poor investment performance, and special one-time expenses. This session will
provide the professional with information on how to handle these circumstances. The presenters will discuss the legal standard for SNT investment based on the type of SNT the trustee is managing, provide a summary of the types of proper asset classes for an SNT, discuss the use of professional money advisers to assist the
trustee, cover questions that arise when hiring a professional money adviser, and discuss the best methods for ongoing investment monitoring.


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