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Roxanne Gunther

Principal at Gunther and Associates (G&A), a California professional fiduciary practice

Roxanne Gunther has been licensed as a Professional Fiduciary since 2011.  Roxanne is a graduate from UC Santa Barbara, BA in Spanish, and served as a researcher in the department of Cultural Anthropology.  She is principal at Gunther and Associates (G&A), a California professional fiduciary practice.

Roxanne serves as Trustee for Special Needs Trusts; she serves clients identified as developmentally disabled, brain injured, autistic, mentally ill, dual diagnosis, addicted to substance abuse, as well beneficiaries of personal injury settlements.  Roxanne works with at-risk populations, both professionally and in a volunteer capacity.  She also represents clients in private trust administration, DPOA, Agent under Health Care Directive, court supervised conservatorships, and court supervised trusts.  G&A is committed to providing neutral and effective oversight and advocacy in support to her clients for now and for the future.

Roxanne is a member of the Estate Planning Council of San Gabriel Valley, the American Society on Aging, Los Angeles Children’s Hospital La Providencia Guild, and Young Life International’s special needs ministry, Capernaum.  Roxanne is a member of the Professional Fiduciary Association of California, having served on various committees.  She has had the pleasure of speaking to many professionals and community groups on the subject of special needs planning and other relevant estate matters.



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