National Care Advisors

Ann Koerner

President of National Care Advisors – a firm dedicated to providing consulting services for attorneys, financial planners and trustees.

Ann Koerner is the Founder and CEO of National Care Advisors – a firm dedicated to providing
consulting services for attorneys, financial planners and trustees and the clients/families they
serve. National Care Advisors provides care and quality of life planning and case management
services for clients and families faced with physical disability, mental illness, developmental
disability, or eldercare issues. Quality advocacy and a pragmatic approach to achieving quality of
life goals for clients and their supporting family members, is her primary focus.
Ann has developed a team of national of professional, certified, special needs case managers, as
well as special education consultants that are skilled in assisting parents and guardians to
navigate public education benefits, supported vocational/college opportunities and transition to
adulthood planning.
Consulting services include planning and case management applicable to Special Needs Trusts

and government benefits preservation. National Care Advisors also specializes in pre and post-
litigation resolution consulting services specific to cost analysis, litigation life care plans,

lien negotiation, Medicare Set Aside projections and administration.
Ann received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Russell Sage College in Troy,
New York. She began her nursing practice as a Public Health Nurse in New York and
transitioned to providing rehabilitation case management services throughout the nation,
focusing on clients with catastrophic injury and illness. Her professional experience expanded to
include marketing and management of case management services as well as development of
policy and procedure for best practices in client advocacy. As a result of her work with national
corporations and high wealth families, Ann possesses extensive business knowledge of case
management, utilization review, third party payers, workers’ compensation, private insurance
companies and government resources.
National Care Advisors serves clients in all 50 states and is known for client-centered, practical
solutions to meeting the quality of life needs of individuals and families with significant health



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