Hitchman Fiduciaries

Lee Ann Hitchman

California Licensed Professional Fiduciary

Lee Ann Hitchman, Founding and Senior Partner, began her fiduciary practice in 2005
performing pro bono work through the Unbefriended Elderly program in Orange County. From
these humble beginnings, Hitchman Fiduciaries now consists of eight employees including
several family members. Lee Ann’s personal philosophy is to focus on a person’s specific issues
they may be facing during a very difficult season in life, as well as addressing their specific
estate issues. This compassion and more holistic approach has led to a successful fiduciary
practice over the years.
Life experience and diverse career opportunities have equipped Lee Ann to develop the specific
skills needed to address the needs of trust administration. While expertise and technical skills are
extremely important, the fiduciary business is really all about people and their unique situations
including families, settlors, beneficiaries, and vendors. Lee Ann and her team have created a
culture of compassion and respect that separates their services from many others.
Lee Ann’s passion is to help those who come to the firm in need and to provide a safe place for
them to manage the changes in whatever form that takes—death of a settlor, incapacity of a
settlor, settlement fund for someone with special needs. In her role as Senior Partner, she has
created a welcoming and family-like environment and this plays a part in the significant number
of referrals the firm receives on an ongoing basis.
Lee Ann attended California State University Fullerton and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree
in Mathematics. After working a few years as a software developer, her company sponsored her
to attend University of Southern California where she earned an MBA. Realizing the value of
real-world business experience, Lee Ann worked full time while completing graduate school.
ď‚· Orange County Bar Association
ď‚· Professional Fiduciary Association of California
Lee Ann is a recognized speaker for various industry-related associations and other professional
groups. Keynote topics include special needs trusts, the role of a fiduciary, and other general
administration topics. Lee Ann has been active in developing curriculum over the years in
various roles with the Professional Fiduciary Association.
Orange County Bar Association
Professional Fiduciary Association of California

Lee Ann has been married for almost 40 years and she and her husband/business partner have six
grown children. She enjoys family activities and loves her community garden.



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