The 2024 SNT Symposium will be presented in-person or virtual. Please select your preference to get started.

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2024 SNT Symposium


Join us in Napa at the luxurious Meritage Resort and Spa for in-depth learning at it’s finest. Experience world class cuisine and wine while taking a deep dive into the complex area of special needs planning and administration.

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2024 SNT Symposium


Join us at the convenience of home or anywhere you choose, 100% virtually through our state of the art online learning platform. After the success of 2021 Covid all-virtual symposium, we have decided to keep this option.

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2024 Special Needs Planning Symposium

Pricing Breakdown

Date of Registration

Fri/Sat (Feb. 23-24) General Registration Fee

Special Registration Fee for
Non-Profit or
PFAC Member

On/Before Oct. 13, 2023



After Oct. 13, 2023



After Dec. 15, 2023




Pre-Session (Thurs. Feb. 22nd) Registration Fee


Thursday’s Optional
Four Pre-Sessions

$99/each or

Buy All Four for $297 =
1 free

$99/each or

Buy All Four for $297 =
1 free

There is a Special Guest/Spouse Registration available for individuals not attending the sessions. This registration includes access to Thursday’s Welcome Reception, Friday’s Strolling Dinner in Wine Cave, and all breakfasts and lunches. The cost for this registration is $350. This registration does not include attendance at any sessions.

For those persons with less than five years of experience in their professional field, call 415-593-9944 to obtain a special code for a lower price.

All Registered Attendees, receive access to two COMPLIMENTARY WEBINARS to cover California lawyer and private professional fiduciary 2-hour ethics CE/CLE requirement plus bonus 2-hour session so General Session Registration covers 15 total CE/CLE hours.

If you would like to pay by phone, please contact our office at (415) 593-9944


Additional Policies

Kosher or Halal:

An additional fee for specialized meals such as kosher or halal will be applied due to the extra expenses involved in sourcing and preparing these specific dietary options. The fee encompasses several factors: Firstly, obtaining the necessary ingredients may be more expensive or harder to find than regular menu items. Secondly, the need to comply with strict guidelines and acquire appropriate certifications, requiring collaboration with certified suppliers and maintaining separation from non-compliant food items. Thirdly, the potential requirement for dedicated equipment or separate cooking facilities to prevent cross-contamination. Lastly, the expertise and training needed for chefs and staff to adhere to religious dietary laws and handle the specialized meals appropriately. It is important to clarify that the extra fee is not intended to discriminate but rather to cover the additional costs and efforts associated with accommodating these meals while upholding the required standards. To inquire about the cost of a specialized meal, please get in touch with Denise Chacon at

Suitcasing Policy:

The Special Needs Planning Symposium has a no-tolerance policy regarding “suitcasing,” which describes the practice by non-sponsoring companies or individuals of soliciting sales or sales leads in the hotel, lobbies or representing their services or soliciting seminar participants, including social activities.

Any person violating or suspected of violating this policy may be removed from the conference, prohibited from attending the remainder of the conference and attending future Special Needs Planning Symposium conferences at its staff’s sole discretion. No refunds will be made.